Equal parts of wood fibre and plastic are mixed with pigments, ultraviolet inhibitors, and borate preservative then heated and extruded. The texture is rolled into the warm surface before it cools. Made from recycled materials, this environmentally friendly product is a sustainable product.


A combination of 50% reclaimed plastic and 50% reclaimed wood. This mixture is powdered, heated and extruded through a mould in lengths of 5800mm.  

PERMADECK™ looks and feels like natural timber and is unmatched by other composites.  

Composite Wood Decking - made from recycled pastic and waste wood

PERMADECK™ has been installed as decking in New Zealand and Australia for many years, with numerous Architects, Project Managers and Builders confidently recommending and specifying PERMADECK™ products.  PERMADECK™ is the most natural looking alternative decking product on the market.

Our composite formula brings together the best qualities of wood and plastic to create a superior alternative to wood. The plastic protects the wood from moisture and insect damage, preventing rotting and splintering and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage while providing a natural, attractive look and feel.  Minimal maintenance is required, there is no need for sanding, staining, oiling or painting.

You will not need to paint or stain our products since they already come in solid, contemporary colours which will not fade out.

Our rolled texture give each board the natural timber look as an alternative to the uniform and repetitive finish of most other decking products.

To find out more about Permadeck Composite Wood decking solutions, please contact our knowledgeable team by emailing:info@permadeck.co.nz or phone us on 0800 952 952