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Until recently Permadeck Latitudes Architectural has been the composite decking option that all others aspire to emulate.  The material used to extrude these boards uses Strandex Technology.  What does this mean to you?  Strandex take a recycled wood fibre (as opposed to a fine wood sawdust) and FULLY encapsulate it in UV Stable recycled plastic.  The fibres give the board superb strength and because the fibres are FULLY encapsulated there is no opportunity for moisture ingress which could otherwise lead to excessive expansion and shrinkage and product breakdown.  The great news is that the new generation Permadeck Latitudes EverX is made from the same material and so has all the great attributes of the other Latitudes range BUT by comparison with the Architectural profile:

  • It is about 20% lighter

  • The ridges on the underside allow air to circulate and therefore the joists to "breathe"
  • The cost is almost 20% less

AND there is no compromise in strength or durability.  We recommend 400mm joist centres.  So with Latitudes EverX the future is solid and it is Good for Life.

The surface is machined fine line so a great compromise between non slip and comfort under bare feet.  We have made the colour choice simple with either Grey, Walnut and light Walnut.  The colours are deliberately light as this offers three significant advantages:  

  • The lighter the colour the less hot underfoot on really warm days
  • The lighter the colour the less hot and therefore the less the plastic component expands in the heat

  • The lighter the colour the less noticeable the minimal (5%) fading that may occur in the first summer.

Latitudes EverX - The best composite decking available in New Zealand
Latitudes EverX - Composite Wood Decking that lasts
EverX decking boards diagram

Measurements are in mm. Click here to download a pdf showing EverX Slotted Decking Profile

To find out more about Permadeck EverX decking solutions, please contact our knowledgeable team by emailing: or phone us on 0800 952 952