Latitudes Marine Board Load/Span Chart - click here to see printable PDF file

Marine Decking Used as Stair Treads

Maximum Span (inches)

Maximum Point Load (pounds)

Marine Decking (1.250" x 5.438")


300 lbs.

Note: Based on three span, four support condition.  Marine decking shall be fastened to each joist.



100 pounds per square foot (psf)

200 pounds per square foot (psf)



Marine Board Used as Decking 

Marine Decking (1.250" x 5.438")

24" on-center

19.2" on-center

Note: Based on two span, three support condition.  Marine decking shall be fastened to each joist. Tabulated spans are based on live load deflection limit of L/360.
The installation of Latitudes Marine decking must comply with manufacturer's published installation instructions and applicable building codes. Loading limits and required support conditions are shown in the installation instructions. To use Latitudes Marine decking in conditions other than outlined in the manufacturer’s installation instructions, consult with a registered design professional. Whenever Marine decking is used in conditions other than published in the installation instructions, calculations and construction documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional to verify the suitability of the boards and supporting structure to resist the necessary forces under varying environmental conditions.

Latitudes Marine Board Span Chart