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This product is specifically used for floating decks over waterproof membranes.

It is made in the USA and has a pedigree that positions this board as No.1 internationally. It is a solid composite 139mm wide x 24mm thick x 5800mm long. It is sold in full board lengths.

The profile of the decking board integrates with a concealed fastening system which eliminates the need for nails or visible fastenings on your deck.

It has a machines fine line finish on both sides, is reversible and wears very well. PERMADECKā„¢ LATITUDES ARCHITECTURAL can be installed on joist centres of up to 400mm.

Architectural Decking board specification

All measurements are in mm. Click here to download a pdf showing Latitudes Architectural Decking Profile

Latitudes Architectural Decking is available in 3 attractive colours. Grey, Walnut and Dark Walnut.
Permadeck Fastners
The Permadeck Fastener can be quickly and easily installed with no pre-drilling required for composite decking. Permadeck Fastener's innovative design allows for natural expansion and contraction that occurs in decking. Screws are Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

To find out more about Permadeck architectural decking solutions, please contact our knowledgeable team by emailing: or phone us on 0800 952 952