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Looks and feels like timber

PERMADECK™ is the most natural looking alternative decking product on the market. It looks and feels like timber and is unmatched by other composites. PERMADECK™ is environmentally friendly, people friendly and is the smart choice for your next residential or commercial project.

NEW PRODUCT - Deckorators Vault Decking Board

Deckorators Vault Composite Decking Board products at Permadeck

New Deckorators Vault Decking is a giant leap forward in a wood alternative decking. Click here to learn more about Vault Decking

New Permadeck Advantages. Click play to find out more.

Terry St George of Moller Architects explains why Permadeck Latitudes was the right choice for the Auckland Viaduct Events Centre. Find out more about this project and others on our case studies page.

See what users of Permadeck have to say about their new Composite Decking. Read more here on our testimonials page.


Permadeck has Accredited Certification that it meets the NZBC in

  1. Clause B1 Structure
  2. Clause B2 Durability
  3. Clause C1 Fire
  4. Clause D1 Access
  5. Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials
Complies with the NZBC
Certification Number TWL-PTS 3256-01
For more information visit our technical pages

The Permadeck advantage -

Fast to install

PERMADECK™ is superior in every way to traditional decking timbers. It is extremely quick to install using hidden fastenings on standard joist layouts. It is easy to work with, requires no pre-drilling or punching of nails resulting in time savings of up to 70% when laying PERMADECK™ vs traditional timber decking. PERMADECK™ does not splinter, warp or split and keeps your home or building looking smart. PERMADECK™ is resistant to insects, moisture and mildew.

Minimal Fading
PERMADECK™ is colourfast and does not require any staining, oiling or painting. All 3 colours – Grey, Walnut and Light Walnut are UV stable and will only fade by a maximum of 5-8%. PERMADECK™ is also stain resistant. See our attempts to stain PERMADECK™ Latitudes Decking during our Stain Resistance Test.

Minimal Waste
All boards are supplied in 5.8m true and straight lengths, ensuring there is minimal wastage and very few joins creating a very clean aesthetic. Installation requires no specialised tools.

Safe and Permanent
PERMADECK™ has a textured anti-slip surface, is double-sided and boasts NZ’s best 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty which includes “Removal & Replacement” A NZ first.. It is colourfast, repairable and low maintenance. PERMADECK™ has been used for over two decades and there are a growing number of clients delighted they found out about the environmentally friendly, lasting solution to their decking needs that is Good for Life.

Made in the USA, PERMADECK™ is available throughout New Zealand and Australia. Click on your region on the map to find your nearest Permadeck supplier.

Find out more about Composite Wood and the process we use to make Permadeck the environmentally friendly, long lasting and best looking decking product on the market.

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