• Virtually 100% waterproof, unaffected by moisture
  • Scratch-resistant
  • No stain or fade
  • Best stiffness-to-weight ration of any composite deck board in the industry
  • Lowest thermal expansion/contraction of any thermoplastic deck board in the industry
  • All ingredients unaffected by moisture, sun or microbes
  • Unbreakable in flexural loading or impact

Just Completed: Permadeck installed at Mount Maunganui Hotpools

Permadeck was chosen as the decking for the recent refurbishment of the Mount Maunganui Hot Saltwater Pools.

Mount Hot Pools new decking

Mount Hot Pools Permadeck decking top view

Mount Hot Pools Permadeck decking 3 quarter view


Prior to installing Permadeck we had a hardwood deck at the Mount Hot Pools. Unfortunately the timber could not hold any non-slip product for more than a few weeks. We decided to research composite decking as an alternative option. After researching a number of different products, we chose Permadeck for its low shrink factor, durability, non-slip ratings and warranty. Permadeck is not the cheapest product on the market but we operate in a commercial environment with hot, salt water and believe this was by far the best product for us to use. We have had it installed for over 2 months now and the feedback from staff and customers has been nothing but positive.

Almost as importantly as the quality of product, Craig and the team were also a pleasure to deal with. Always easy to contact and willing to help us with all our requirements.

Steve Edgecombe
Asset & Project Manager
Bay Venues – Tauranga

Deckorators® VOYAGE™ Decking

The most advanced decking board on the market… but without the maintenance.

Voyage Decking Boards horizontal

Deckorators® Voyage™ Decking is the most advanced, premium wood-alternative composite decking product on the market today.
Voyage decking has virtually no thermal expansion or contraction and is ideal for installation in the ground or water. Voyage decking also features textured embossing for enhanced traction, perfect for wet conditions.
Deckorators® Voyage™ is the smart choice for your next residential, commercial or marine project.

decking expansion diagram graphic


Considering a wooden deck alternative?

Voyage Decking is manufactured in the U.S.A by Deckorators® to exacting standards. Exclusive to Permadeck in New Zealand

PERMADECK™ Advantages

Graphics of features of decking

Deckorators® Voyage™ decking has many advantages over wooden or standard composite decking. Below are some of the benefits.

Fast to install

Deckorators® decking is superior in every way to traditional decking timbers. The lightweight boards are easy-to-handle on the job site and are extremely quick to install using hidden fastenings on standard 400mm joist layouts. The hidden fasteners will also set a uniform gap between boards at 5mm.

Fade Resistant

Independent test research has determined that Deckorators® Voyage™ decking will experience virtually no fading, as it is co-extruded with a durable outer shell.

Minimal Waste

All boards are supplied in 5.8m lengths ensuring there is minimal wastage and very few joins creating a very clean aesthetic. Installation requires no specialised tools.

Safe & Permanent

Deckorators® Voyage™ now has a textured High Traction surface and boasts a 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty which includes removal and replacement – a New Zealand first.

Colourfast and low maintenance – Deckorators® decking has delighted NZ customers for over two decades.


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