Decking Fasteners

The Permadeck Hidden Fastening System discreetly and securely fixes your decking boards to wooden joists using a single Stainless Steel Screw.  The screw is driven at a 90 degree angle into the joist through the central hole in the Clip while the wing on one side grips the board tight within the slot. The next board is then slid onto the wing on the opposite side of the clip and the Fastener can be fully tightened. Fasteners automatically set a uniform 5mm gap and eliminate the need for pre-drilling and countersinking, giving your deck an aesthetically pleasing, virtually fastener-free deck surface.



Permadeck Hidden Fastener

Using the Permadeck Hidden Fastening System you will be able to lay
your deck with virtually no visible fixings, giving you long clean & uninterrupted runs with your 5.8m Permadeck boards. Each Fastener comes with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Screw for use on wooden joists. To fix to aluminium subframes you will need to source self-tapping screws.

  • Sold in full boxes of 180 or half boxes of 90.

Permadeck Starter Clips

Starter Clips are used on the outside edge of your first slotted
board. This will hold your first board in place until you
begin using the Hidden Fasteners on the second board.
Starter Clips are made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

  • Starter Clips are sold individually.




Fastener/Fixing Screw with Square Drive

These Stainless Steel Screws come with the Hidden
Fasteners for use on wooden joists. You will get 200 Screws
with each box of 180 Hidden Fasteners, this will give you
extra screws to use with the Starter Clips and/or Breaker
Board Clips. There is a Square Head Driver in each packet
of Screws.
For aluminium subframes you will need to source appropriate
self-tapping screws.

  • Can also be purchased separately in packets of 100
  • NOTE: These screws are to be used ONLY in conjunction with
    Permadeck Hidden Fasteners.
    If you’re planning to top fix any decking boards we recommend
    using 10 gauge or higher 65 mm 316 stainless or coated ‘decking’ screws.


Fascia Screws

Fascia Screws are used to fix Fascia or ‘Edge Boards’ to your joists.
Edge boards have no slots in the side to accommodate the Hidden Fasteners
and will need to be top screwed. These 10g x 65 screws are made from
Marine Grade Stainless Steel and have a tapered head to sink flush
into the boards to hold firm. For use on wooden joists only.

  • Sold individually or in packs of 500.