PERMADECK™ Voyage Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance Recommendations

Voyage composite decking is virtually maintenance free, needing only periodic cleaning to keep it looking great:

General Cleaning
Like any floor in your home Voyage looks best when the surface is kept clean. Cleaning is as simple as using a broom or mop with a mild detergent.

Mould and Mildew
Voyage has an antimicrobial protective cap. Mould or mildew will however, develop on any hard surface if foreign matter is allowed to build up. If this occurs we recommend that you wash down your deck using a mild solution of warm water and bleach or 30 Seconds – Spray & Walk Away. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and always test the solution on a non- prominent area of your deck first.

You can use a Water Blaster but do not position the nozzle any closer than 300mm, use a fan-tip nozzle and NOT a single jet as this may mark the surface of the deck. Use Blaster on a low to medium setting.

The surface of Voyage will conceal minor scratches. Avoid dragging furniture or heavy items across your deck as this may gouge the deck surface. We recommend that protective mats or furniture pads are used to protect against high point loads such as thin furniture legs, BBQ’s or planter stands.

The best method of preventing staining is to clean the area immediately when a spill occurs. A strong solution of detergent and hot water, applied immediately after the spill has occurred, will remove most stains. Always test your cleaning solution in an out-of-the-way part of your deck to make sure that the solution will not bleach the colour out of your deck.

In order to avoid grease staining, a protective mat placed over the decking and covering the area immediately around your BBQ is highly recommended.
Please contact Permadeck prior to using any harsh chemicals on your decking.

Painting or Staining
Voyage does not require any painting or staining over the life of the product. Painting or Staining will void your warranty.

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