Advanced composite decking for residential, commercial and marine applications.

Made with Eovations™ technology, Vault decking delivers the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio. It’s strong and stable, it doesn’t absorb moisture, and the durable polymer cap stock won’t stain or fade. Simply put, it can take a pounding and still look amazing.

Composite Decking Advantages


    • Waterproof – doesn’t absorb water
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Very hard to stain / minimal fade
    • All ingredients unaffected by moisture, sun or microbes
    • Best stiffness-to-weight ratio of any composite deck board
  • Unbreakable in flexural loading or impact
  • Lowest thermal expansion / contraction of any composite deck board
  • Highest slip resistance of any composite decking
  • Concealed fasteners discreetly secure deck boards to joists using slotted edges

Technology and Design

What is Eovations™ Technology?

Since its creation in 2007, Eovations™ technology has perfected the substrate found in composite decking.

This unique process starts with a mixture of polypropylene and calcium carbonate that’s pull extruded for cavitation. Cavitation creates tiny air pockets that keep the boards lightweight, but with a fiber-like structure similar to wood, giving it unmatched strength.

Colour Options

Composite Decking Profile


Slotted-edge decking gives a clean, fastener-free appearance to the surface of your Permadeck deck. Permadeck hidden fasteners are a perfect way to discreetly secure deck boards to joists using the slotted edges. All boards are sold in 5.8 meter lengths giving you long clean unbroken lines.


Black head on 316 stainless steel screw and UV stable HDPE clip sets a 5mm gap

Technical Properties

Permadeck™ Vault Decking and the Equator fastener with 316 Stainless Steel concealed fastening system is designed to be used as Decking on joists in residential, commercial and marine applications. Ideally suited for both over membrane and traditional decking Applications.

Download Technical Properties PDF

PERMADECK™ Technical Properties.PDF


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